Monday, 29 July 2013

The week that was.

I can't believe it is almost a week ago since I wrote.

We have had a very busy week here at Rascal & Roses HQ. Not only have I been working like a painting demon (think the Tasmanian Devil with a brush in both hands), but we have also been visiting and Maj C has been very busy at work so all in all a hectic week that has merged into the next one already!

So I will post up some pics of what I have been working on - a lovely bedroom set, brought to me for updating and the results are fantastic! You honestly wouldn't recognise them at all. Amazing what some paint, wax (a LOT of elbow grease) and some new knobs can do for your old tired furniture!

I have also had lots of questions about how to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and how to get different effects, so I am trying (in all my spare time) to put together a step by step guide for people - not really a bible - but just what I do to make things work!

I am also working on a lovely commission for "Home is Where the Heart Is" sign, its going to be gorgeous.

And in between my painting, I have taken the Rascal to listen to the brass band in Oakham - they were great, she wasn't overly impressed - I think she was spoilt by the Kings Troop at Holkham Country Fair the day before. So to try and up the stakes again we went to a Farm today - it was great, she loved the Shire Horse - I loved him too, even more so because he was called Stanley!

So, after a lovely relaxing weekend in Norfolk with the Rascal, Stanley and Maj C soaking up the sun at Holkham back to the chaos...but I promise pics will be up tomorrow.

Ok, ok, ok - Busted. so I have tried to drag this post out to prove all the things that I have been doing this week instead of blogging. But we all know the truth don't we? I haven't been that busy.  What else could I have been doing ALL week? Well obviously, I was watching 24 hour rolling news about the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge's first born son.

Through my dedication and stamina of maintaining a constant listening watch to all news be it BBC 24, GMTV, Twitter, Daily Mash I can bring you the details you all want to know (I know you haven't had time to find these out like I have because some of you work, or some of you may have been on holiday etc). So here it is:

He's a baby boy, called George. He's lovely. One day he will be King. It's a good week to be British. Congratulations The Cambridges! Apologies a shameless pro Royal Family post - very little help to anyone who wants to paint their furniture but we will resume normal life tomorrow I promise.



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