Monday, 8 July 2013

British Summertime and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint time

It's officially a fabulous week to be British, The Lions win the tour down under, Murray raises the Wimbledon trophy and the weather is glorious! The UK is the very best place to be in a proper summer, but here in Rascal and Roses HQ we've had a mixed few days.

It started on Thursday when Maj C got delayed in "sunnier climbs" due to an aircraft breaking down. This was most unfortunate as it meant he missed the grand opening of The Rascal and Roses Facebook Page but you will be pleased to know, I'm sure, the launch went without a hitch or technical fault, which is in itself a small miracle.

So, without Maj C in the country we also had to pass on an invitation to Henley Royal Regatta, I was gutted, I'm pretty sure The Rascal and Stanley were pretty pleased with the outcome though as they spent the afternoon in the garden, while I did some painting. I love how pretty the Annie Sloan colours are, I've used Versailles on the dining chair and the carver is done in Paloma. They are going to look amazing when they are finished and I'm thinking they need something like a big old oak whitewashed kitchen table to really show them fact I might start hunting for a new table...I digress (as always), as you can see from below (when I wasn't distracted) it was actually a pretty productive day in the end! By Saturday though Maj C had returned and this meant I had some time to get the staple gun out and start reupholstering my dining chairs. I love them, just need to get cracking on the painting now, so that I can have at least one complete chair!

Stanley & The Rascal
Chairs taking shape

There is lots and lots more to share but I hear the rascal stirring so I will return when all is quiet!


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