Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Google Machine or the Paint Brush?

So, the painting bit is seemingly easy - the problem is once you start trying to sell said beautiful painted items!

Where do you go if you just want to sell your wares? Take a page in the papers? Apparently not - so 1980s, apply on a postcard in the local postoffice? Small problem, no windows or postcards in our post office. Open a shop? Well, supposedly this is the difficult route to take, but I am beginning to wonder.

Needless to say on the suggestion of many people far more knowledgeable than I, my quest began behind the computer. Armed with my iphone, ipad and laptop I decided I would embark on a full on assult on the internet. No wireless stone would be unturned. OMG. What a nightmare! I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be any kind of IT expert, but I thought I knew the basics. Um no. I did not.

I would like to just go back to the garden, get out my paint brushes and start painting, but no, I find myself on the loveliest days of the year (neah decade) inside attached to my computer, trying to make sense of it all.

You heard earlier about my twitter and facebook triumphs, but oh readers it was only the begining. The easy bit is setting up the accounts, the hard bit is actually finding things people are interested in hearing about and then finding more people that are interested! No wonder people make entire careers out of jobs like "google opimitisation manager" or "social media network administrator" no longer shall I scoff at these made up job titles - turns out these folk are well practiced in the black arts of the google machine!

I am however very lucky, I have Girl-About-Town's and Web Boy as relatives (they are my own personal IT consultants) and thank goodness. Web Boy has been staying with The Rascal and I while Maj C is away and thankfully he has manage to work is magic on the blog and now, as you will probably already see, you can track Rascal & Roses on Facebook and Twitter! How exciting! How lucky you are readers...lucky lucky lucky. Soon you will not be able to even pick up your computer or electronic device without seeing what we are up to here at Rascal & Roses HQ.

Anyway, in my high and low search of all things internet I found many things. They mainly fell into either the; I-do-not-understand-what-I-am-reading pile, or the you-are-telling-me-nothing-other-than people-look-at-the-internet,-this-I-know-already pile.

But one little snippet did cover most of the bases in words that made sense to me, so I am sharing it below. If you like crafty anything its worth a look anyway and if you want to do anything on the internet to do with websites and blogs and you know nothing (like me) its also worth a look - I reckon it covers just enough that should you find yourself stuck at a party talking to a Web Boy or Girl-About-Town about Pinning their Tweetbook to the FaceSpace then you should at least be able to nod knowingly!

Google stuff: 10 simpletips to get your craft blog seen

Phew! Now the technical stuff is out of the way I can get back to the good stuff, with the added bonus that you lovely readers will also be able to see it!

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