Saturday, 28 September 2013


I love them-particularly the ones off Great British Bake Off. You know the ones-wooden with painted handles? Well you should keep your eyes peeled next week to see if you can see them! They are beautiful.

Who doesn't like a beautifully painted spoon? Answer: no one, that's who. 

...More lovely spoons

My favourite collection of painted spoons. 

So, I search high and low for them...well I googled them, but same difference.  Anyway, my search  was fruitless (spoon less). No one seemed to be selling them. So onto trusty Pinterest, tahdah! I knew Pinterest wouldn't fail me, beautiful pictures of lovely spoons. This makes me very happy indeed! But yet again, no one selling any. It's time to face facts. The only way I'm going to get these life changing spoons into my house is to paint them myself. So, I'm off to buy some boring old normal wooden spoons and then let the magic begin. I've got my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, some masking tape, some brushes, I also think it will be a brilliant way of testing my new Ronseal varnishes that arrived this week. Beautiful spoon tutorial coming soon! 

* I apologise for the terrible photos that were on here, hopefully all sorted now. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

12 days....

...not of Christmas, but since I last blogged! Apologies all. That is ridiculous! I don't even have time to blog properly now. But what I will do is show you a quick pic of why I've been so busy and then I'll fill you all in properly soon-super soon I promise. 

I've spent the week painting and covering chairs. This is the first one. 3 more on the make as we speak! 

A close up, so you can see all the lovely fabric.

Now, so that you know I'm going  to keep my promise, here is a small list of what I'm going to tell you all about next time:

1. The "how to guide" update.

2. My exciting delivery from Ronseal.

3. Obviously, more Pinterst related things.

4. My New Logo!!! - very exciting. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


So, last week I was pottering around the twittersphere and something caught my eye #craftblogclub. Ooooooooh I thought, that sounds like fun. And fun it was!!! Its the brain child of the author of lovely Life is Peachy Blog and a fellow PVB contributor, Emma.

Anyway we had week 2 last night and Craft Blog Club is really picking up speed. It's a great way for crafty people to exchange tips and hints, brilliant if you want a nose at lots of fabulous blogs and just a generally lovely place to be! So I urge you, if you're even the slightest bit crafty (and even if you're not!) come and say hi and take a peak: Tuesday nights 7-8pm #craftblogclub. I have to go now as I have approximately 37 new blogs to get acquainted with...anyone would think I've got nothing else to do with my time! 

Obviously I do, I have many things that need painting. But I shall leave you with a little pic of my latest project, which I love and am not really sure I want to part with! 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen gentle distressing and a clear wax finish with Toile de Jouy fully lined drawers. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Country loving

We're currently in glorious Herefordshire and enjoying the final throws of summer. We've been visiting friends and finally and while there has not been much time for painting this weekend but lots and lots of inspiration...

This is the view from my granny's backdoor. I consider this a proper garden path, one that all others should be compared to. 

Pretty pretty flowers, I love unstructured beds. 

Last of the Budlehia being enjoyed by the butterflies. 

All this countryside got me thinking about furniture (of course) so here are my top 5 favourite country looks using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that are making me smile today (straight from Pinterest obviously - still my all time favourite pastime)...I'll keep you posted in how my visions actually turn out! I'm trying to make a pact with myself to not use such muted tones. Its all about Colour colour colour. And as long as you look carefully at where your pieces are going it can still look amazing. 

Country Brights: 

I'm popping off now to get my brushes out now, especially as I have nearly finished my Antoinette and Gold side table. Post coming soon! Thanks for checking in.