Friday, 12 July 2013

So many Colours so Lttle Time - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So, the weather has been amazing, utter bliss. However, this has meant that my plans to work like a Trojan on new pieces has suffered somewhat. But I still managed to do some work- albeit not in the least bit strenuous, in fact unless I could do it with a nice cool drink in my hand it didn't happen. Anyway, back to my point, I found lots and lots of lovely new blogs to follow (have a sneaky peak) and I did manage in the times the sun wasn't out in full to do some painting.

I have managed to finish a letter holder, a ladder and a shelf! Yeah. But my rather laissez faire approach paid dividends, as I realised you really can make some super nice colours by mixing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint odds and ends and seeing what happens!

It started out as a love affair with Paloma - I love the purple, its so summery and looks fabulous with the grass and the blue skies. So letter rack was purple, it was lovely, but I knew it could be even more lovely, I wasn't sure how, but I knew it was possible. So, I left it and started to white wash my ladder. I didn't want it too white, and I didn't want it too blue or green. In the end I went with an Original and Duck Egg Blue wash that produced a gorgeous off grey colour. Bingo! That was what I needed to tone down my Paloma. And it worked a dream. Then a sanding, 2 layers of Craqueleur, 1 hair drying later and some dark wax and voila. It must be a success because none other than Annie Sloan herself liked it (shameless self promotion by moi? Buy why yes of course!) Duck Egg Blue white wash over Paloma and then some sanding and there it was. My shelf was already Duck Egg, but I felt it needed something more exciting too, you guessed it a quite white wash over the shelf and bam another piece. Perfecto!

Sorry, I could wax lyrical about more colours, but you've probably all had enough right now and besides which I can hear the rascal stirring so I'd better and go and see what on earth is going on, I sense she might be perfecting her pole vault technique out of the cot by the sounds of it.

As I suspected she was trying to spider climb up the corner of her cot, most angered she is back lying down...anyway, as I was saying, I loved mixing the Annie Sloan paint up- it mixes super easily and looks delicious. More laziness on my part required next week for some new pieces I think, how exciting.

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