Friday, 19 July 2013

"Stuff I like"

There comes a time when people have to chose; Vintage or Shabby Chic, vintage or shabby chic, vintage or shabby chic or just plain and simple Upcycle? Well my time to chose should be now, but I can't so I refuse to. Instead I have decided I'm just going to chose "stuff I like".

It is not a trend per se and it doesn't really fit into either camp, but I've decided it's the best solution. There simply isn't enough time in my world to be deciding if something is vintage, or shabby chic or my favourite description this week, "white-painted-distressed-tat-hell" (I sense Maj C would agree with the author of this comment) - so I'm not going to, I'm just going to do what I want - so there!

In line with this new crazy approach I'm not writing anymore tonight, I'm exhausted the sun has bought with it yet more reason for The Rascal not to sleep so I need to catch up on the zeds before she is up again...I reckon I could have a clear 23 minutes if I start now! So in lieu of my witty repartee I'm just going to leave you some pics of some "stuff I like" instead, well to be more specific "yellow stuff I like". It's too sunny to read after all - now all go and enjoy the sun!

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