Sunday, 4 August 2013


This week, as usual has been rather hectic. Thankfully though the end is in sight becuase Major C is on Summer Leave! Brilliant. We are going to have a busy few weeks, but lots of fun catching up with friends and family before he leaves for sunnier climbs in September.

So, we have left Rascal & Roses HQ (and the garage full of furniture and paint) to go visiting! Major C was happy because he (incorrectly) assumed that while we were away from home I would be unable to get my sticky mitts on anymore wrong he was. As we have returned to where I grew up I know where absolutely ALL the possible traders of bits and bobs are and we are going to visit ALL of them! Yeah! I will keep you all posted as to what we the lovely @brookslay suggested this week on Twitter we may have to have a #rascalfindhour to show off all my lovely finds. (If you want to follow anyone on Twitter follow her, she is, as the kids say: Amazeballs).

In other Rascal and Roses news I have been invited to write a guest blog for a website that promotes small independent businesses and its all looking very exciting indeed. I will make sure you are all kept up to date with progress the minute I hear more.

This week I finished a commission for the lovely Kitty's bedroom. Some very nice Stag furniture, which through the medium of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint magic has been updated and transformed! You can see the before and after pics below. I love the apple green and luckily Kitty loved it too! One of the most brilliant things about Annie Sloan paint is that you can easily mix it to get the precise colour you want. Now, my eye for colour can sometimes be a little off target and for the life of me I couldn't figure out which pots I needed to get the perfect shade of Granny Smith Apple, but thankfully the guru herself, The Annie Sloan gave me a pretty good steer of Antibes Green + English Yellow and Old White and turns out it was precisely what we were after! (Again well worth a follow on Twitter if you love painting as much as me.) 

 The Blue Peter style Before & After shot

Yet again though, I find myself back on decoupage band wagon. Love it love it love, so stay tuned for some lovely cut and stuck items. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Check you laters alligators. Hopefully this week I will have my very useful "How To" Guide for using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.


  1. Oh they are just lovely! You're making me want to get the paint out!

  2. Thank you so much for coming to take a look. Definitely get the paint out, never a disappointment! :-)