Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Times flies when.... have a baby! Honestly, I cannot believe the last time I posted was Saturday-that was 5 days ago (yes I have baby brain, but I can still count to at least 5)! Ok, so stating the obvious does not really make my point, in those 5 days many many monumental things may have happened. I could have travelled to Australia and back, I could have climbed Everest, I could have swum the Pacific Ocean. But in fact, I have done nothing even remotely that exciting!

Don't get me wrong, we have visited our lovely friends in 'The North' so we did venture across the country-very exciting. And we have seen our brilliant neighbours (2 sets of them) and as Maj C has been home for all 5 days we have spent some much needed family time together. But on the grand scheme of things, not very much has happened. As Maj C points out I have not; done any shopping, any washing, gone running (nor any other form of exercise, as I vowed I would this week), written and posted any christening invites and most importantly of all-I have failed still to complete the (all together  please) TOWEL RAIL.

Clearly, chatting her will not help things, so I must go-I have a busy schedule to maintain-Pinterest and my new favourite programme Cupcake girls awaits while the rascal sleeps, these low-budget-American network-fly-on-the-wall-confectionary-programmes don't watch themselves you know. 

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