Friday, 14 June 2013

Mixing Annie Sloan colours

For those of you that are wondering whether Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is for you, let me show you what sold it for me. Well, as you all know, the towel rail is still standing in the potting shed I waxed, but I did manage to find the perfect example of why Chalk Paint is amazing. As you can see you only need a colour base plus a white and you can get soooooo many variations. This is why I love it! Back to that waxing...maybe after a quick coffee.

Ps-who likes my new shed? I adore it, Maj C says I need to paint it back brown when we move again next year, we'll see. Oh and by the way, this is not Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-it's Cuprinal Seagrass-£12 a can from B&Q and took me and the Matriarch only 2 hours to do, and with The Rascal in the Baby Bjorn to boot-I would fully encourage the painting of sheds to cheer up grumpy gardens. 

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