Thursday, 27 June 2013

@rascalandroses Monumental Days

Well, there has been excitement galore at Rascal and Roses HQ in the last 2 days.

Firstly we are now in the twittersphere @rascalandroses and this in itself is pretty amazing, and yes I did it on my own without Maj C's or Girl-About-Town's or even my bro (Web Boy's) help (they are my own personal IT consultants). But readers, this is not the monumental news-guess who my first tweet was from-yes that's right Annie Sloan herself-! it transpires she too is a decoupage fan (I knew I was in good company). Even Maj C was amazed by my web-based success.

Secondly, The Matriarch arrived last night in order to look after The Rascal for me, while I spent the day away from Rascal and Roses HQ at location unknown for my birthday surprise! Well guess what my surprise was? Give up? Ok, I'll tell you then, it was an Annie Sloan workshop at Chalk Interiors, Stamford. It was fantastic, I had a brilliant time and learnt so so much. Thanks mum. I will give you the full low down tomorrow (with pics!) I've gotta rush as Maj C is taking me to dinner-whoop whoop. 

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