Friday, 28 June 2013

It's all in the preparation

Well that's what the best procrastinators say and I would class myself as one of the best.

So in short today I've taken the rascal swimming-awesome, celebrated my unbirthday-as Maj C is away on the actual day-I got some lovely stuff (more later), we went to a BBQ in the rain, filled up our neighbours petrol can (we borrowed it for the lawn) and I made some beef wraps-delicious. But in short I have done nothing that I had planned. No painting, no sewing, not even written the blog I promised! But I promise promise promise by the time the week is out there will be some serious progress-I might even finish the towel rail...yeah right!

Ps- I forgot in my haste to do everything except the stuff I was meant to be doing I have found a new obsession. No I take that back, not obsession, more a mini-love affair, yes let's call it that. Obsession is decpupage-life changing, all encompassing, my mini-love affair I fear already may be short lived but at the moment  a big fan: it's vintage birds. All kinds, pictures, stamps, sewn, knitted, painted, things with birds on-even the word bird-love it. If you love birds too please take a look at The Bobbin Bird on The Twitter- it's gorgeous gorgeous stuff.

I will show you the best of my finds on this Vintage Bird Watching weekend on Monday (I hope...)

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