Monday, 24 February 2014

Part 1: Need an office without losing a bedroom?

Of course you do! Unless you have too many rooms in your house in which case don't worry about looking at this amazing space solutions for your home office! 

Sacrifice a built in wardrobe:

Now all those in Military Quarters know that one thing you do have (lots of) are built in wardrobes. Clearly all the rage in the 1950s the military have continued the tradition and there are few houses I've come across without at least one in each room. So, this is the plan: keep one spare (make hubby keep his "essential" green kit in a box in the garage) and then you can have your office in it instead! Perfect.

Here are my Top 5 and I think they all work pretty nicely. I think a combination of all will be rather good. 

I'm not going to pretend that there might not be a tiny bit of effort required to obtain an office like above (and maybe some pretty extensive DIY) but, like I said to Major C, we all need to set our sights high don't we? He shrugged and said our next wardrobe will never look like this. So now the gauntlet is down...the next 2 months will be spent solely designing my office/wardrobe-I will keep you all updated on progress. 

Upcycle a Bureau:

These are brilliant if you want to use your wardrobe for clothes (yawn) but still don't want to take up a whole room for your home office. 

They are all lovely. I like the bureau idea but is want one in my hallway, but  I just don't understand where the chair goes? So if you need a chair the hallway is out and I guess you're looking at spare room or dining room maybe? 

Whichever option you go for, one thing is clear; we have a lot of paperwork to "sort". Perhaps I'll go for option 3: a big black bag...

If you missed the intro post to the Way to a More Beautiful Home you can find it here

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