Saturday, 24 August 2013

French Chic with Annie Sloan Antoinette - "Let them (by them I mean you) eat cake"

So we have had a marvellous time on our first family holiday abroad in Normandy. The weather was glorious and the Chateau we were staying in has well and truly inspired me, this week I will mainly be channelling French Chic (arguably the only chic-but that might be a discussion for another day).

So, in order to relieve my French-country-Chateau-chic-ness itch I have bought a new  tin of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (well technically two tins, but don't tell Major C) Granite (a lovely dark grey) and the aptly named Antoinette (the lightest of dusky pinks). I am super excited about getting started on my garage full of treasures. And to continue the French theme I will ensure I am eating lots of cake in order to ensure my French theme is thoroughly embraced (surely it would be rude not to? Non?)

I have a beautiful telephone seat (very french and glamorous) and I'm thinking a Granite base with Antoinette on top and lightly distressed will be perfect! Now all I need to do is match the perfect fabric and I sense this will be the greatest piece in the Rascal & Roses repertoire (are you enjoying my clever use of French appropriate words? Thought so).  I will keep you posted on the fabric decisions and hopefully keep you up to date with progress as the week goes.

As an aside I am working on a Q & A section for the blog and the main hot topic has got to be how to use the Annie Sloan I could write a book I think. However, if you have any other Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or general upcycling, refurbishing, upholstering based questions (or lets be honest, any questions really) please drop me a line and I'll do my very best to answer them - long answers will be posted here and Facebook - short answers on Twitter.

Hopefully you are all having a fabulous bank holiday, I shall leave you with one of my favourite weather appropriate quotes (but the academics among you may realise its not really about the weather)....

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