Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Part 2: Headboards & some exciting interiors news

I am all for family friendly living. I believe that your house needs to incorporate the fact that there are little people in it, otherwise it really won't work. I don't think that you can get away with having a dedicated playroom and expect the rest of your house to be a child free zone. However, I draw the line at bedrooms- well specifically my bedroom!

I honestly think it is possible to have a child-free bedroom (fair enough not new born free, but in general) a grown up room that is just lovely. And for no other reason other than, well because.

But how do you do that if you can't paint your walls the finest muted greys or a beautiful cornflower blue or wallow in the thickest creme carpet money can buy? because, i can assure you if you are moving into an Army Quarter then you'll be lucky if they fitted underlay, in fact lets just agree the likelihood is they haven't. But fear not, there are loads of ways to get that luxury, hotel boutique look without having to undertake a serious DIY/carpet laying course. 

The answers: Be clever with soft furnishings. The biggest spaces you have available to add colour to your bedroom are the window dressings and a headboard. Here are some fabulous examples of lovely headboards that change the whole looks of a room (even a magnolia box).

 {Pictures from Pinterest}

Now for some exciting news. In the next few months Rascal & Roses are going to be bringing out a headboards and soft furnishings range (for bedrooms) that will make even the beigest of rooms dreamy! We're not just going to sticking to muted colours, there are definitely going to be some fabulous bright options and some amazing fabrics that will compliment all the lovely hand-painted furniture. Stay tuned and thanks so much for taking the time to read. 

Verity x

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