Monday, 23 September 2013

12 days....

...not of Christmas, but since I last blogged! Apologies all. That is ridiculous! I don't even have time to blog properly now. But what I will do is show you a quick pic of why I've been so busy and then I'll fill you all in properly soon-super soon I promise. 

I've spent the week painting and covering chairs. This is the first one. 3 more on the make as we speak! 

A close up, so you can see all the lovely fabric.

Now, so that you know I'm going  to keep my promise, here is a small list of what I'm going to tell you all about next time:

1. The "how to guide" update.

2. My exciting delivery from Ronseal.

3. Obviously, more Pinterst related things.

4. My New Logo!!! - very exciting. 

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous chair - can't wait to see the new logo! I'm waiting for mine to be finished off so I can do my big reveal too :)